A downloadable game

Lucid Shift is a game where players travel through the sleeping mind of a dysfunctional protagonist to chase down the shadowy figure that haunts their dreams. 

Lucid Shift was the product of 15 people working in the Unreal Engine. The focus was on the gravity-shifting mechanic that moves selected objects to conquer obstacles, giving the player the ability navigate the world.

Creative Director/Artist
Kyle Schwiebert

Kevin Harm

Design Team
Lead - Kylee Woodland
Jason Lyon
Brian Chan
Ben Allen

Art Team
Lead - Trey Atwood
Kenny Madera
Christina Parker
Zach Davey
Eli Brose
Frank Pagan

Programming Team
Lead - Anthony Diaz
Michael Poole
Jasmin Johnson

Install instructions

  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract contents of zip file
  3. Go into LucidShift folder
  4. Double click LucidShift.exe


LucidShift.zip 399 MB