A downloadable game

Lucid Shift was the product of a 12 week project that brought on 15 people to work for together for the first time in the Unreal Engine. The focus was on the gravity-shifting mechanic that moves selected objects to conquer obstacles, giving the player the ability navigate the world.

Creative Director/Artist
Kyle Schwiebert

Kevin Harm

Design Team
Lead - Kylee Woodland
Jason Lyon
Brian Chan
Ben Allen

Art Team
Lead - Trey Atwood
Kenny Madera
Christina Parker
Zach Davey
Eli Brose
Frank Pagan

Programming Team
Lead - Anthony Diaz
Michael Poole
Jasmin Johnson

Install instructions

  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract contents of zip file
  3. Go into LucidShift folder
  4. Double click LucidShift.exe


LucidShift.zip 399 MB